Embracing the foundation of our craft in 3D technologies, we excel in the art of reality capture, intricate modeling, dynamic animation, and the innovative realm of 3D printing. 

Reality Capture

Digitalize everything

Reality capture is not just a skill; it’s our artistry, our passion, and our expertise. Our mastery of reality capture is the cornerstone upon which we build immersive digital experiences and unlock the boundless potential of virtual reality.


Our reality capture experts transform spaces, objects, and buildings into digital replicas that astound and inspire.


Discover the magic of reality capture with us, where the tangible becomes digital, and the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. Experience the world anew through our lens, where reality is just the beginning of the adventure.


Digital accuracy

Unlocking the power of precision and harnessing advanced precision scanning technology to transform physical spaces into digital masterpieces. With painstaking precision, we capture every detail, every dimension, and every nuance, ensuring that your building or infrastructure project is represented in exquisite accuracy. Streamlining the design and construction process and unleashing the potential for innovation and efficiency in the AEC industry.

3D Modelling

Dimensional artistry

Crafting 3D excellence and passionate in all aspects of 3D we cover all elements to create a great model. Focusing on the intricate art of photogrammetry, the precision of scanning technology, and the meticulous craft of modelling, we’re able to generate breathtakingly realistic and detail-rich 3D models or stylised approaches as well.


From capturing real-world objects and spaces to infusing them with lifelike textures and rendering them in stunning clarity, we redefine what’s possible in the world of 3D. Transform your concepts into immersive, true-to-life digital masterpieces, where 3D becomes an art form, and your visions become reality.


Virtual personas

Sculpting digital personas that reflect the essence of each individual. Avatar production are a symphony of artistry and technology, where every pixel and detail is thoughtfully designed to capture a unique identity. Whether it’s for gaming, virtual meetings, or immersive experiences, we empower you to step into your virtual persona with confidence and authenticity. Let Vthere be your digital mirror.

3D Animation 

Dreaming reality

Breathing life into ideas and narratives through the magic of 3D animation. A symphony of creativity and technology, where we transform concepts into captivating visual stories that ignite the imagination. Stories come to life in ways that leave a memorable impression. Step into the world of limitless possibilities with story-telling with 3D, where innovation meets artistry and dreams take center stage. 

3D Printing

Digital to physical

At Vthere, we’re not just makers; we’re sculptors of possibility, using 3D printing to bring your visions into tangible reality. 3D printing is a fusion of innovation and craftsmanship, where ideas are transformed into intricately detailed, physical forms. Whether it’s prototyping, customization, or unleashing creative genius, we turn concepts into art, and dreams into palpable objects that push the boundaries of what’s possible.


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